World Homeless Day

Just another day trying to survive...........

Today is World Homeless Day, an international day to raise awareness and encourage local communities to help those who are homeless.

This morning we were proud to work alongside London homeless charity, Friends of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields to welcome all to a coffee morning at Salisbury Guildhall. The event drew awareness to the problem of those living on the streets. 

Reverand John Proctor talked about the growing number of homeless, the reduction in benefits, and the contracting social welfare system. 

Rev. John Proctor said;

"I think that most people now realise there's a homeless problem becasue there are a lot more people on the streets at the moment. One of the problems is that we are not able to house those people becasue they do not have a local connection to this area. 

"However we do support them through the Drop-In Centre so that they can come in anad have a hot meal, shower and even clean  and dry their clothes."