Wiltshire Veterans Involved In Art Exhibition

Service users from our Wiltshire Home for Veterans have been involved with the charity, Away from the Western Front, to work on an art project entitled 'Salonika Stories'. Working with the artist Susan Francis, they have taken part in a variety of creative workshops detailing their own personal experiences of their time spent in the miltary and related it to the Salonika campaign from World War One.

Their work will be exhibited at Sandham Memorial Chapel, Burghclere. The chapel is also home to the famous work of British artist Sir Stanley Spencer, who used painting to express his experiences of the time he served in the First World War.

 A private viewing of the exhibition will take place on Monday12th March from 1pm where a short film about the Salonika Campaign will also be shown. You can find more information on how the exhibition was created here

To find out more information or to request an invatation to the private screening, please contact the project director Lyn Edmonds - lynedmonds@hotmail.com

The exhibition is part of the wider ‘Away from the Western Front’, which is a Heritage Lottery Funded First World War Centenary project highlighting the campaigns which took place outside of France and Flanders, including the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. 

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