Volunteers Use Their Skills To Make A Big Difference

Volunteers use their skills to make a big difference

Volunteers have been making a big difference using their skills to provide that bit extra to the services they support

Following the pandemic, we sadly lost many volunteer supporters as many were unable themselves to volunteer or restrictions meant we were unable to accommodate additional support staff. Thankfully our volunteer team has been able to recruit several new faces across all of our services so many have been getting to know clients and helping out wherever they can. 

Old Sarum Garden Centre, which closed during lockdowns has now partially reopened and volunteers have been working hard, refreshing paintwork and carrying out general maintenance. Markus Fanti, Centre Manager says,

“R’s hard-working attitude has exceeded expectations, he was recently asked to paint a room for a new Learning Disability client and received a heartfelt thank you from the team. While working here he has very much become an important part of our centre.

Another volunteer has begun decorating the customer cloakroom in preparation for our return to full opening, he has started by removing all the disability aids and will re-enamel them to make them look new. He is also very keen on helping clients in our shop and guiding them in customer once the café and shop open and has similarly become a very valued member of the Old Sarum team.”

Whereas previously Barnabas House was supported by a volunteer handyperson and two chaplains, it now has an administrator, another handy person as well as a consultant from the hospitality sector who is coming in to work with residents specifically around recipes, food budgets and nutrition, following a recruitment campaign. The team have already begun their cookery sessions and have cooked a fantastic meal with many of the residents.

If you are looking for a volunteering role, there are many opportunities available. Please look here with regards to possible roles or contact the volunteering team to discuss availability and ideas so that we can help create something around your interests. We are always enormously grateful to our volunteers for the time and support they provide.
Email volunteering@alabare.co.uk or call 01722 344470 (lines open 9-5 Monday to Friday) to speak to our volunteering team.