The Soldiers’ Charity Pledges £140,000 Grant To Alabaré Homes For Veterans Projects In England And Wales.

The Soldiers’ Charity pledges £140,000 Grant to Alabaré Homes for Veterans projects in England and Wales.

The Soldiers’ Charity gives a £140,000 donation to Alabaré Homes for Veterans to help them continue their work in England and Wales.

Alabaré Homes for Veterans offers support for service men and women across the UK who have left active service and who are experiencing difficulty adapting to civilian life. These ex service personnel are homeless or at threat of being homeless, usually due to a lack of support network and social isolation after discharge. This may be brought on as a result of depression, PTSD, ill health, unemployment, family breakdown or similar. Alabaré is there for them, to give them a helping hand.  Alabaré currently operate 24 Homes for Veterans across England and Wales.  In total providing bed spaces for 120 Veterans in crisis. Last year alone, Homes for Veterans supported 230 ex service personnel across our region. The support the charity offers is a temporary one, helping Veterans to gain the skills and confidence they need to move on. Helping them to get their life back on track.  Alabaré knows that its Homes for Veterans program literally saves lives.

Jason – a Veteran who Alabaré has helped said -

‘Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans has provided fantastic support for me, and was brilliant at helping me get my life back on track.  With my determination and their support, I am in a really happy place right now and looking forward to a bright future.’

 Alabaré recognises the unique journey taken by those in the Armed Forces and ensures that each home is a Veteran only home, supported by Alabaré staff who have a good understanding of their individual needs

A block grant of £50,000 will go towards funding new projects in Wales and up to £90,000 will be used in England against individual veterans.

Andrew Lord Chief Executive Alabaré –

The Soldiers’ Charity has been a very generous supporter of Alabaré’s work with vulnerable veterans. Over the last 7 years they have provided Alabaré with financial support to enable us to provide the much needed care and support the veterans need. From their initial help in Bristol to now supporting our work in the South West of England and Wales.  The Soldiers’ Charity is a great organisation to work with as we both strive to transform the lives of veterans. Thank you to the ABF: The Soldiers' Charity. 

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