The Endeavour Fund Awards Ceremony

The Endeavour Fund Awards Ceremony

On 17th January 2017 The Endeavour Fund hosted its anaugural awards ceremony which was attended by The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Kirsty Scullion, our Corporate & Major Donor Fundraiser, attended the evening - 

“A successful life is living within your core values” was the way one award winner summed up their resilience at the Royal Foundation Endeavour Fund Award ceremony on Tuesday night. The evening, led by the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, saw awards being presented to individuals injured whilst in Service, in recognition of their inspiring endeavours. One of these was Neil Heritage who overcame losing both legs in a suicide bomb blast in Iraq to row across the Atlantic and attempted to climb the Matterhorn in a bid to become the first double above the knee amputee to reach the summit.

 Alabaré receives significant funds from the Endeavour Fund to develop sport across the Homes for Veterans.  The royal brothers spoke about the importance of sport in enabling lives to be rebuilt after injury “we cannot underestimate the positive impact that sport can have on the physical, social and physiological effects of injury – not just for the individual but the families as well.”  The common theme from the night was “team” - the sense of being part of a team again, of being supported by team mates and the value of the team. Our Homes for Veterans recognise this sense of needing to belong and be part of the team supporting the sense of camaraderie and belonging within our homes.

Over this past 6 months many Veterans in the Alabaré homes have been supported to engage with sport, Neil Hunt, Gloucestershire Homes for Veterans Team Leader who was at the event says;

"the impact engaging in sporting activities has had on our men and women has been incredible, the sense of motivation and well-being."

As we continue to develop the sports programme within the homes, we take the opportunity to thank our fellow charities such as the Endeavour Fund and Help for Heroes amongst many others and stand and recognise the outstanding achievements that many of those who are wounded, injured or sick in or as a result of being in Service.

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