The Alabaré Christmas Song

The Alabaré Christmas Song

We are proud to present Alabaré's Christmas song - We Will Walk With You Everyday: press play below to listen to the track! Reserve your copy now by emailing: CD's are £5 each.

How the Song Came About

Emma Andrews suggested we write a Christmas song at the start of 2014. Jo King then contacted managers and asked them to ask their clients and residents to send their thoughts about Christmas to Jo. Lots of people from across Alabaré got in touch and Mike Oldham, our Volunteer Sports Co-ordinator, combined their words to create the song lyrics. Jo King wrote some music and liaised with Tim Byford to record it. It is estimated that over 50 people who work, volunteer or use Alabaré’s services have been involved in putting together this song.


Thank You's

Thanks to Tim Byford, who recor d ed the song. and worked many hours mixing the vocals and instruments. Thanks also to the staff, volunteers and service users who have contributed by singing and playing on the track.

If you would like to make a donation to Alabaré’s music fund please visit: