Thank You To Our Supporters

Alabare Emergency Appeal Thank You

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our supporters. Right now, our front-line staff are supporting people who have found themselves homeless in the middle of this devastating pandemic and in desperate need of support. Thanks to the incredible support we have received over the past few months, we are able to offer them a safe place to call home where they can self-isolate and access health care at this time of urgent need.

Coronavirus poses a severe threat to the homeless people we support at Alabaré. It has also put huge strains on our charity financially as our shops have been forced to close and fundraising events be cancelled. The donations we have received to our Emergency Appeal have been vital in ensuring our homes and services remained open over the past few months. Without our supporters, we would not have been able to reach the most vulnerable people in our communities who so desperately need us. 

Alabare Emergency Appeal Thank You

We have provided life-saving support over 350 homeless and vulnerable people like Matt over the past two months:

Matt became estranged from his family and friends, and had been sleeping rough in woodland for 10 months before the virus started to spread in the UK. After visiting our Drop In to get food and advice, we were able to help him secure a place in our hostel where he has remained safe and well. "I’m very thankful to Alabare and their staff and supporters. They have helped me through a difficult time and I’m now in accommodation and receiving help and support, which I’m so thankful for,” says Matt.

Robyn is part of Alabaré’s Homelessness Team; “Coronavirus has presented enormous challenges to our staff and clients. Many of the people we support live chaotic lives, often with underlying health conditions. Your support has meant we have been able to continue to be there, providing support through this crisis to vulnerable people in our communities.”

Alabare Emergency Appeal Thank You

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our lives remains uncertain, with many challenges ahead, both health and economic. It’s more important than ever that we are able to continue being here, providing a safety net of support and a home to those whose lives are so mercilessly affected by this devasting disease. And we must continue to provide long term solutions for them, so that they never have to face the crisis of homelessness again. You can stay up to date with the latest news we have by following us on social media.

Together, we can end homelessness.

Alabare Emergency Appeal Thank You

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