Spotlight On Our Army Of Volunteers

Spotlight On Our Army Of Volunteers

Here at Alabaré we rely on the kindness and dedication of an army of volunteers to carry out our life changing work.  Volunteers like Cliff, who has been with us for an amazing 18 years!  Cliff runs an art class once a week for Alabaré Place volunteers.

When asked why he volunteers, Cliff says,

“I think the diversity of the people I meet – often you just don’t know who is going to walk through the doors and yes, that can be unnerving but without fail, nearly everyone I have ever come into contact with, has wanted to learn and improve their lives. 

“It’s also lovely to be able to talk to people – yes, the classes are meant to be about art but at the end of the day, we are creating conversations and learning about each other which is great.  Everyone has a different story to tell and it’s so important not to judge people but listen and help where we can.

“I’ve met some really wonderful people over the years and two in particular stand out for me – one lady was very unsure of herself and didn’t have much direction but she came unfailingly to the class each week.  Eventually she enrolled at Art College and now she is living independently and is a professional artist.  Another lady, having taken part in the class now produces greetings cards and sells them in her local community and to friends and family.  This might not seem like a lot but for her, it was a real milestone in her life and it’s quite an incredible feeling to have been part of that journey.” 

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