Sleep Out Fundraiser For Veterans At Gloucester Cathedral

On Friday 3rd March over 40 people slept out at Gloucester Cathedral to raise much needed funds for Veterans in need.

Alabaré Fundraising Manager, Kirsty Scullion;

“Cloisters Challenge Gloucester – once again another amazing night of reflecting on what it may be like to be homeless, but without the reality of that being night after night after night.  We were dry, sheltered by the cloisters of the great Gloucester Cathedral, warm in ample sleeping bags, ground sheets and blankets, well fed with continual hot drinks thanks to many generous donations including from the Rotary and the GrillShed and fully aware that we would be able to leave in the morning back to hot showers and comfortable beds.  And yet nearly 40 people came together to support three local charities who work to provide vital shelter, food and support to those who are homeless.  Alabaré’s Gloucestershire Homes for Veterans was one of those charities supported from the evening hosted by Gloucestershire Rotary and the Cathedral.  This will be the third year the Rotary has supported our home, funding gym membership for the Veterans supported from homelessness or inappropriate housing through to fulfilled lives in their own accommodation.  Access to the gym has been so important in enabling the Veterans not only rebuild their physical health, but also support their mental and emotional well-being through exercise, social engagement and general strength building and keeping fit. An amazing night and thankyou Gloucester Cathedral and Gloucestershire Rotary for the support, arranging an amazing evening visiting the crypt and once again enabling many to sleep better tonight and come off the street and supporting Alabaré’s Gloucestershire Homes for Veterans”.

Thank you to all involved for an excellent night of fundraising!