Response To Recent Media Coverage Of Armed Forces Charities Financial Reserves

Recent media coverage has suggested a number of Armed Forces charities are holding large amounts of finance in reserve, despite an ever increasing need to support Armed Forces Veterans.

In response to these findings Alabaré would like to re-iterate our commitment to providing care and support to homeless and vulnerable Veterans, especially as we draw closer to Remembrance Sunday.  Through our services, we are able to ensure that every night 115 ex-service personnel are able to have a roof over their head and escape the crisis of homelessness. Over the past year we have been able to support a total of 328 Veterans, many of whom have spent months or years sleeping rough on the streets or in tents and sofa surfing. As a charity we have been supporting Veterans for 10 years, having recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of our home in Plymouth which opened in 2009.

In the subsequent decade and due to the growing demand for services like ours, we now have a total of 23 homes across the South and South West of England and throughout Wales. We provide Veterans the opportunity to live within a peer to peer environment, which has proved to be a successful model with 77% of our Veterans to have stated their mental health has improved whilst living in our services.

In addition to providing a warm, safe place to call home we also provide a platform for our Veterans to focus on their future and get equipped with the necessary skills and support to move on to independent living.  

Fundraising is vital to ensure that we are able to continue to be there for those who have fallen upon hard times and need our support. In order to be able to continue our work, we need to raise a total of £1.8 million in the coming year. We are incredible grateful for all of the financial support we receive be that from individual donors, grants or charitable trusts including from other military charities including the ABF – ‘The Soldiers’ Charity and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

As a charity we are transparent about our financial affairs and our most recent accounts can be found at -