Quotes From Our Salisbury Sleep Out Sleepers!

Quotes from our Salisbury Sleep Out Sleepers!

We asked some of our sleepers in Salisbury to tell us why they were taking part and and supporting our Salisbury Sleep Out this year....

Cathedral Canon Treasurer, The Reverend Canon Sarah Mullally said; “I am here to support the work of Alabaré with homeless people in Salisbury.  This is my first year sleeping out, but it’s also great to be here to represent the partnership between the Cathedral and Alabaré which has enabled this event to run for nine years now.  I am not too worried about the night and in any case I can’t back out now, as I have lots of people sponsoring me!”


John Glen MP for Salisbury, said; “It’s a great pleasure to be taking part in my sixth Alabaré Sleep Out.  Alabaré are a fantastic local charity who I have supported throughout my time as Salisbury MP.  It's good to be with our Mayor and Labour candidate Tom Corbin this evening.  Let’s hope we raise a large amount of money for the vital work that Alabaré does in Salisbury.”


Councillor Tom Corbin, Labour candidate for Salisbury, said; “This is my first Sleep Out for Alabaré.  I am glad to be here to support Alabaré and use my parliamentary candidate status to raise the profile of Alabaré and the work they do in Salisbury.”


Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor Jo Broom, said; “For me tonight is about having an opportunity to sample a very small part of what someone who has to do this for an indeterminate amout of time experiences every night.  It gives us time to reflect and show our support in some small way.”


Keith Thomasson, Senior Chaplain, said; "A couple were walking past and I invited them in. They were in Salisbury to celebrate their wedding anniversary but were clearly touched by what was going on: the atmosphere, the laughter, the mixing of people across age and culture. There was a deep affirmation for what Alabaré was enabling a wider range of people to do: to show their solidarity with those on the margins of society."


Ellie Page, Sleepout participant, said; "I think Alabaré has done a great job this evening, by creating a unique event that not only raises money for a great cause but gives all those involved a chance to experience what life is really like for rough sleepers."


Anna Tuck, Sleepout participant, said; "I've never experienced anything like this before. This is such a special opportunity to sleep outside Salisbury Cathedral whilst helping the most vulnerable in society." 


John, Sleepout participant, said; "It's great to see such a large group of enthusiastic people raising money for those in society who need our help most."

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