Our Legacy Over 30 Years

Our story began in the late 1980s when a simple telephone call led to Rev John Proctor and his wife Alicia befriending and offering their home to a series of people in crisis. Realising that the need was far, far greater, they worked together with their Christian community, and founded our charity Alabaré in 1991, culminating in our first home, Barnabas House, in Salisbury opening its doors the following year.

30 years later, Alabaré offers support to thousands of people in need through homes and services across England and Wales. While our primary motivation has not changed from helping those marginalised in society in crisis, our services have now expanded and now focus on specialist support for young parents, young people leaving the care system, adults with learning difficulties, and Armed Forces Veterans who struggle to cope with life outside of the military. While there are many reasons why an individual may become homeless, by its very nature we also often have to provide specialist support to help people experiencing mental ill-health or those suffering from addictions.

Moving into the next 30 years, we are looking to expand our reach and housing availability. As well as this we are seeking new ways to provide support and encouragement to those seeking to rebuild their lives. Part of this is the development of self-build housing solutions and the design and operation of social enterprises that will provide a source of employment to those wishing to expand their skills and experience. We also run courses and daily activities at two Development Centres in Wiltshire which provide small craft retail outlets to the local community. 

As an organisation, we are committed to four key values that each lie at the heart of the work we do. These are:

Care for service users, who are often vulnerable and marginalised

Compassion for those in difficulty or in distress

Generosity in allowing people another chance

Respect for all, valuing each person, their experience, opinions and choices