Opening Of Gloucestershire Home For Veterans


4th November 2013

Gloucestershire Veterans Home

The journey of a soldier isn’t always confined to their time in the Forces. Having spent years serving their country, the hardest part is sometimes waiting for them when they return home. The transition to civilian life doesn’t always run smoothly. Problems facing veterans can include depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , and mental and physical ill health. Difficulties relating to friends and family can lead to the breakdown of marriages, and loss of jobs, which can then lead someone to become homeless, sometimes several years after they have left the Forces.

To help combat this issue, a group of local supporters have worked tirelessly over the last 2 years alongside veterans’ charity Alabaré to open new houses, which will provide accommodation for veterans who have found themselves homeless or are at serious risk of becoming homeless. The charity will be opening the doors of its first home in Alexandra Road, Gloucester on the 5th November.

Brigadier Simon Firth CBE, chairman of Alabaré’s Gloucestershire ambassadors and an ex-Gloster himself, recently spoke at the Gloucestershire Business Awards about the great need for the veteran’s homes in Gloucestershire;

“There are many ex-service men and women who find it difficult to return to civilian life particularly after intensive operations. They have been called the 'silent wounded' and after risking life and limb for us they deserve our support. These homes will help to rescue damaged Veterans in Gloucestershire who are homeless or in danger of being homeless and return them to a productive life.”

These Gloucestershire homes for veterans have been specifically created to help people overcome all kinds of crises; whilst helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to move on to their own accommodation, work or training. Residents also benefit by becoming part of a community support network which they can turn to for future advice.

Opening the homes has been made possible thanks to the dedication of an active group of local supporters, including; the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter DBE, the Mayor of Gloucester, Councillor Chris Chatterton and representatives from The Rifles. Funding has come from a number of military charities including ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity, RAFA and ARRC, as well as local trusts, businesses and supportive individuals.

Alabaré is the largest provider of dedicated accommodation for homeless veterans of working age outside of London. The charity already runs Homes for Veterans in Salisbury, Plymouth, Bristol, Weymouth, Gosport and Fareham. These homes provide high to low level support for homeless or vulnerable ex-Armed Forces personnel. Since the scheme started in 2009, Alabaré has helped over 210 veterans. If you or your company would like to support veterans in your community to get back on their feet, please call Alabaré on 01722 322882 or visit the website: