New Trader At Wilton Emporium

Upcycled Furniture

 We are delighted to welcome new trader Ann Costello to the retail community. Ann’s hobby of upcycling furniture, has not only given her pieces a new lease of life but it has also given her new hope.

A few months ago, Ann decided to branch out and set up her small business after being diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. Previously Ann had worked in the hotelier business for many years. She wanted to do something less physical and something different so she decided to start upcycling charity shop finds.

 Ann said;

“The staff here at the Emporium have made me feel so welcome. I love having space to sell my wares. My items seem to be selling quickly, which is great. Renting space here has given me the opportunity to do what I have always dreamed of. I honestly haven’t looked back. I’m already looking at expanding my business!”

Renting a unit at our Wilton Emporium could not be easier. Prices start at just £50 a month to rent a small cabinet so if you want to  make extra money whilst having an outlet to develop your business, come join us!  We are looking for more fabulous traders. So if you are interested then why not give us a call on 01722 744111