New Mental Health Support On Offer

alabaré mental health support

A new support service for those struggling with their emotional or mental wellbeing has been launched at our head office in Salisbury. Alabaré Riverside Sanctuary is a confidential telephone service aimed at anyone who is at risk of a mental health crisis or who is struggling to manage their mental wellbeing and would benefit from professional support.  Our specialist team are able to provide guidance and advice including coping strategies and help people get further support if they need it.

Given the current Coronavirus crisis, and unprecedented restrictions on our movement, it is hoped that the service will additionally be able to help anyone who is currently experiencing severe anxiety or struggling to cope. It is hoped the service will help reduce the number of people needing NHS services, especially at this difficult time.

Emma Wellock, Senior service manager said;

‘I believe as the current situation with Coronavirus progresses this service will prove invaluable especially for those having to self-isolate or who regularly receive input from other services and are no longer able to access the same level of support. The pressure that the NHS is under at the moment means they will be stretched to capacity so if we can alleviate some of that, it would be fantastic’

Alabaré Riverside Sanctuary had been scheduled to open on Friday 20th March as a ‘place of calm’ for local vulnerable adults who are suffering from mental health issues to be able to visit and receive support. However due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, rather than delay the opening, the service has been adapted to offer a telephone service and make sure support is on offer at this critical time.  It is now hoped that Riverside Sanctuary will be fully operational offering face to face support later this year.

The scheme sees Alabaré working in partnership with NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), with funding coming from a share of £1.3m government funding as part of the Beyond Places of Safety Scheme.

Anyone wishing to access the telephone service can do so seven days per week from 3pm – 11pm by calling 01722 466680.