New Community Fundraiser For South Wales

New Community Fundraiser for South Wales

April Rogers from Newport, South Wales is one of those ladies who never stand still. Her energy is unstinting, an invaluable commodity which Alabaré Christian Care & Support is now lucky to harness.

April joined Alabaré in April (!)  2015 as a Community Fundraiser for South Wales. She immediately began working with her vast network of former colleagues, students, acquaintances and charity contacts to sign up volunteers to raise funds for Wales Homes for Veterans. A vital service run by Alabaré that supports service men and women who have served in the armed forces, and who experience difficulty adjusting to civilian life.   Great pride is taken by the Charity to work with each Veteran helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to move on to their own accommodation.

April served in the Women's Royal Air Force in aerospace systems and recruitment for seven years so is a Veteran herself and knows first hand some of the situations that can occur for the ex-military returning to civilian life. This coupled with her charity work made her an ideal candidate.

For the last 5 years April has been a volunteer for the Centurion Angel Group, a charity set up by a Veteran to help anyone ‘suffering’ find freedom from their disability.

She graduated from the University of South Wales with an honours degree in Humanities specialising in theatre and media drama. A globe trotter at heart April has also worked for British Airways as long haul cabin crew. Her great passion however is for art and she has exhibited and numerous galleries in South Wales and overseas.

Most recently April has a new found love for water sports after a recent teaching assignment in Turkey for a leading activity holiday company.