Lent Church Link

Lent Church Link

Our vision at Alabaré is a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

Our mission is to support people to find purpose, hope and meaning in their lives. We need your help.

Martin Field Alabaré Director;
"For 25 years we have been transforming lives. In our new film some of our residents, volunteers and staff talk about how their lives have been transformed."  Please share the link on your parish website and if you have the facility to show the film prior to service or a prompt for prayer. 

Lent Prayers for public worship or private devotion
  • We seek your Prayer support for Alabaré during Lent. We offer one prayer for each week. These may be used in daily prayer, public worship and private devotion. The prayers resonate with the Sunday Eucharistic readings.
First Sunday of Lent
Loving God, we remember all those within Alabaré who wrestle with addiction to drink and/or drugs. We especially pray for those who live courageously as they resist temptation and move away from addiction. We ask for blessing upon Alabaré’s homes that specifically support this work: Ruth House (Devizes), Arch (Salisbury), and Andrew House (Clevedon). Amen.

Second Sunday of Lent
Loving God, we pray for the work of the Voluntary Christian Chaplains within Alabaré. For their gentleness, ability to listen, and commitment to prayer. We also pray that those who use Alabaré’s services may have the courage to turn around and embark on new journeys towards a fulfilling life, trusting in the support of others. May they experience the loving gaze of God. Amen.

Third Sunday of Lent
Loving God, we pray for Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans in England and in Wales. May the support available bring refreshment to all on the long arduous journey from the crisis of the desert towards independent living. May they have the courage to seek healing for the wounds they carry and come to peaceful terms with the wounds they have inflicted upon others, knowing the peace of your forgiveness. May those who benefit from Alabaré point others towards the support that the charity offers. Amen.

Fourth Sunday of Lent/Mothering Sunday
Loving God, we pray for the home for mums and babies in Bemerton heath (Salisbury). We ask for your blessing upon all those preparing to give birth and those living with the new responsibilities of parenthood. We also remember all within Alabaré separated from their families as children and parents, especially the young People Leaving Care and the women in Barnabas House (Salisbury), many of whom mourn their separation from others. Amen.

Fifth Sunday of Lent/Passiontide begins
Loving God, we pray for all those who mourn those they have lost, particularly those adults Alabaré supports who have learning disabilities. May they be comforted by the knowledge of your resurrection. We also pray for the continuation of the movement of your Holy Spirit within the Emmaus Community (Salisbury). We give thanks for the Faith Saturdays when we celebrate with food and enter into God’s story through dramatic retelling of the bible stories, song and the arts. Amen.
The following Lent Reflection might be headlined or introduced with: Alabaré is committed to supporting people nurture their spirituality. Within Alabaré’s Emmaus Community there is an active commitment to faith development. This is partly done through the Faith Saturdays held at Riverside House. In this article Keith Thomasson connects what is happening there with the national Messy Church movement and how this space has become a place where God’s touch is experienced

Reflection for Lent - for newsletters and magazines

Keith Thomasson, Senior Chaplin, exposes the connections between Alabaré's Faith Saturdays and the messy church movement;

I have the privilege of being involved with the Emmaus Community’s Faith Days held at Riverside House in Salisbury. On these occasions an invitation is extended to all adults involved with Alabaré who have a learning disability, and who live in or around Salisbury. This invitation is extended outwards. Several staff members come as participants and some bring their children too. The Faith Days are planned by an increasingly-diverse group who meet to read scripture together. From this flows a response to the story conveyed through various artistic media, and the shape of the worship. The day is framed with an opportunity to share food at the beginning and the end. What is happening is essentially Messy Church as we share the Messy Church values that are about being Christ-centred, for all ages and based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. 

At the Faith Saturdays people are experiencing the touch of God that brings joy and healing. I see this in the greater equality that is emerging between those who attend. In terms of faith exploration there is an openness to learning from, and through, one another. Compassion for the needs of others is an Alabaré value that is regularly shown within this community: as a helping hand is offered, as we share food, and as we worship in various ways through song and dance. There is beauty yet safety within a sometimes ‘chaotic’ celebration of worship. At other times a participant may need loving support. This is often conveyed through a gentle embrace offered by a house friend. The touch of God is present.

The Faith Saturdays are becoming a place where people who would not otherwise regularly meet in the everyday world come together. The voice of God is heard. Through the Spirit’s presence our lives are touched and healing begins. I am reminded of the beautiful words of Bell and Maule:
Christ’s is the world in which we move;
Christ’s are the folk we’re summoned to love;
Christ’s is the voice that calls us to care,
And Christ is the one who meets us here.
This verse is sung in unison together with accompaniment to the Scottish folk melody Dream Angus. It’s structure is ABB’A’. It is as though when we look in the mirror (AB) we see something different than we expect (B’A’) because we hear Christ’s voice and meet him in others. Through this touch we are being transformed.

The song continues, in harmony yet now unaccompanied with all singing rhythmically together.
To the lost Christ shows his face,
To the unloved he gives his embrace,
To those who cry in pain or disgrace,
Christ makes, with his friends, a touching place.
May this Lent be a time when we create time and space and experience God’ touch. May I also invite you to participate alongside Alabaré in their work of the kingdom: through prayer, volunteering and  financial support.


Messy Church

We want people to be able to say 'This is our church. This is our God. This is our story. This is our family. This is where we feel at home, accepted, known by name and free to take risks because we know that here we are most deeply loved.'
Lucy Moore, Messy Church Team Leader

Iona Community Wild Goose Resource Group

A Touching Place John L. Bell and Graham Maule copyright WGRG Iona Community
Church Champions

Thank you to Canon Tim Sledge, minister at Romsey Abbey who has pledged his support for Alabaré.

Canon Tim and his congregation have been busy organising a series of fundraising events for our charity which will be running over the coming year. At the start of Lent members of his congregation will be asked to take home one of our church boxes to fill up over the course of the religious festival.   We are calling on churches to Pledge Your Support. If you would like to receive our Church Boxes please get in touch, 
Church Collection Boxes are now available for churches members to have at home. We could not do our work without the support we receive form churches, through prayer, volunteering and donations. We are inviting churches to remember our work among some of the most vulnerable people in the community on Sunday 30th April, (resources to follow). Please help us to do God's work by looking after the most vulnerable in our society.
We are urging people to get involved and sign up to The Big Sleep at Salisbury Cathedral on 3rd March. Register and start fundraising today! Participants who raise over £250 will win a UE Speaker worth over £55. Please share this link through your parish website and publicise this event in your church newsletter. www.thebigsleep.org.uk