Learn More About The Alabaré Christmas Appeal

Learn more about the Alabaré Christmas Appeal

2020 has been a year like no other.

We are asking local communities to help support us as an increasing number of people are at risk of being homeless this Christmas and winter. 

As a charity which has homes and services for homeless and vulnerable adults and young people across England and Wales, we are deeply concerned that the impact of this year’s lockdown on mental health, jobs and private tenancies is leading to a rise in the number of people facing the crisis of losing their home.

Andrew Lord, CEO of Alabaré explains; 

“As a charity protecting disadvantaged people who often have underlying health conditions, we are extremely grateful that we’ve been able to keep our residents safe and well through this devasting pandemic. But the truth is that we are only just starting to see the impact of the lockdown measures we’ve understandably had to take as a society, but which in turn are causing massive damage to livelihoods and mental wellbeing.


With redundancies at their highest level for more than a decade, it’s estimated that over 55,000 eviction notices have already been served and around 220,000 private renters have fallen into arrears. Added to the ongoing impact on people’s mental health, the indications are that tragically more people will face losing their homes this winter than we’ve seen before. Each person in this crisis urgently needs a home and support to stay safe, and to start to rebuild their life. We must be here and ready to help them.” 

As a charity, we have been supporting disadvantaged and homeless adults and young people in the region for 30 years. Throughout the pandemic, our team has been ensuring care and support are available to those who are vulnerable and in need. They have adapted our homes, and opened new initiatives including a catering van, to ensure we keep our services open and available when other support providers have had to close.

Vanessa Bedford, Lead Operations Manager, explains why the charity needs help now;

“It is essential that we here to help those who find themselves facing the unimaginable nightmare of losing their home this winter. No one ever thinks this crisis will happen to them, but if it does, we must be there to help them, to give them a home, and the vital support they need to help them rebuild their lives once more. Together we can be the difference that means they never have to face this crisis again.


We rely on the generosity of the public to make some of our vital, life-changing, help possible. We are urgently asking people to support our Christmas campaign, and help us be there in the critical months ahead.”


Every donation, no matter how small, helps us keep people like David off the streets. David faced sleeping rough during the pandemic, but we were able to offer him a home and the support he needed. David says he now wants to help others as he is so grateful for the help he was given when he thought there was no hope left. Help us help others like David who may be facing job loss, eviction or mental health issues in a year we could never have predicted. As we head into winter, we ask for your support so we can continue to be there for those who find themselves in crisis. 

Alabaré homes offer a warm and supportive setting and access to assistance so those facing homelessness can begin again and start to live an independent and fulfilling life. In a year that has sadly dashed so many dreams help us give the gift of hope this Christmas. A roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, and essential support, so they can begin their journey to recovery and independence, is at the very heart of the Alabaré vision.

Pledge your support and help the most vulnerable this Christmas.