Keeping In Touch

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We have written to many of our supporters recently asking whether they would like to continue to receive news about our homes and services, campaigns and events.  If you have received one of our letters, you may be wondering why we have written to you now, and what the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law that we mentioned is all about.

In recent years, charities have come under a lot of criticism for the fundraising tactics that some of them use.  Of particular concern were those who sent very frequent letters asking for donations and who did not consider the impact of what they were sending.

Many charities, Alabaré included, are signed up with the Fundraising Regulator, and comply with the Fundraising Code of Practice, which sets best practice rules for charities to follow when fundraising.  

In addition, the Information Commissioners' Office is overseeing the UK introduction of the new GDPR law, which comes into force on 25th May 2018 and replaces the current Data Protection Act1998 (electronic communications will be controlled by the new PECR regulations).

The new regulations give all individuals more control over the mailings that they receive.  Organisations and charities will only be able to mail people information they have asked for.  Under some circumstances, those organisations can also provide mailings to people who have a close relationship with them, except where the individual has asked not to receive mailings.  This is called "legitimate interest."  

At Alabaré, we want to ensure that our supporters are receiving the best service possible from us, and only getting the information that they want, and in the format best for them.  We will only produce mailings which we truly believe are of interest to our supporters and will not upset them.  

If you are one of our supporters, we will only send you information which fits with the preferences you have told us about, or under the special circumstances of "legitimate interest".

We will never sell any of our contacts data.   

Please remember that you can update your mailing preferences at any time - either by calling us on 01722 346548, or by emailing us at or by completing our keeping in touch form.

If you would like to find our more about how we collect and process your data, please read our privacy policy or give us a call.