June Prayer Calendar

Our Head Chaplain, Keith Thomasson, has devised a monthly prayer calendar to help guide your prayers and thoughts in connection with the work and services of Alabaré.  We hope you find it useful.

1: That all may move further towards a fulfilling life

2: For all involved with the Service for Young People Leaving Care

3: For all involved in the Homes for Veterans Service

4: For all involved in the Learning Disabilities Service

5: For all involved in Homelessness Service

6: For the people who are service users

7: For all Volunteers

8: For the Voluntary Chaplains, and that they may increase in number

9: For all Trustees

10: For the Staff within Income Generation

11: For the Marketing Team

12: For Café Delicious that operates from Riverside House

13: For the Staff and Volunteers within Central Services at Riverside House

14: For the work of the Patrons

15: For the Ambassadors

16: For the nurture of Spirituality across Alabaré, and the work of the Spirituality Working Group

17: For the Operational Management Team

18: For the Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Lord

19: For the Directors, Executive Officer, and Senior Chaplain

20: For the Chair, John Proctor

21: For all involved within the Charity Shops

22: For developing links with local churches

23: For those currently being referred to Alabaré

24: For those moving on from Alabaré

25: For local government officers who oversee allocation of budgets

26: For our partner organisations eg Combat Stress

27: For those experiencing poor mental health

28: For the Happy Monday Group

29: For a sense of shared working even in remote locations

30: For local homes and services

31: For the exercise of Care, Compassion, Generosity and Respect across Alabaré

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