Janet's Story

Janet's Story

Janet first got in touch with Alabaré in 2018 following her retirement as a police officer. She has since gone on to support Alabaré and Homes for Veterans many times raising over £2,600 over the years. Here Janet tells us why she specifically chose to support Alabaré and explains how through fundraising activities and dreaming big she has overcome her own battles in the process. Janet’s natural enthusiasm speaks realms and really knows no limits as you will learn.  We are proud that she has chosen to share her journey with us, and we look forward to new adventures.

My father was in the Navy and I presently work as a civil servant for the MOD within a Brigade in Bulford, as I was also a police officer for 22 years, I felt that I’d like to give something back to the community. With Alabaré supporting so many people within our community, including their Veteran work it seemed like a natural choice.

My first fundraising event with Alabaré was the Spinnaker Tower in 2018. I had decided that I needed a new challenge. 10 years before I had had a knee replacement and had struggled with my weight, movement and self-confidence as a result so, I needed to do something to help motivate me with my weight. To take part in the abseil I had to lose a certain amount of weight, which I did.  I had a fantastic time, so much so that I immediately signed up to do a skydive for Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans, which meant I had to also lose a bit more weight.  The skydiving event 100 people skydiving to commemorate the 100 years since the end of WW1. That was an incredible event. Since Skydiving, I have done a couple of 'sleepouts’.  I slept out at Stonehenge which was a very memorable evening albeit a little bit cold!

Since getting to know the Alabaré team I have also volunteered my help at several events.  I was on paint spraying duties at Longleat Glow in the Park in 2019 which was so terrific fun and super high energy with over 4,000 people attending. Following this I decided that wing walking was my way forward, obviously, everybody thought I was mad, but it ended up being the most spectacular day that I would do all over again in a heartbeat. All in all, since taking part in Alabaré’s fundraising events I have lost 10 stone in weight and raised £2600 ironically through a lot of bake sales at work!

I am currently lined up to complete the Spinnaker Tower abseil again and I will be sleeping out of the top once Covid restrictions allow us to. I am hoping that the weather is a bit better than it was last time and it will be good to do it at a slower pace this time bit so I can take in the view. I am also hoping to do the Alabaré Firewalk planned for February 2022 but since I can’t even walk on the pebbles at the beach, I am a little nervous - but I will give it a go!

When encouraging others to support Alabaré’s work either as a supporter or donor we need to do more to get the word out. Word-of-mouth encouragement is the way I do this, and I try and get everybody I know involved in some way or another, either through sponsoring me, baking or buying cakes from me at a bake sale or actually taking part in some of the challenges with me. I’ve got quite a few other people involved in some of the fantastic things I’ve done, although I’m not sure they have all thanked me for it!

Since my knee injury, I find walking relaxing so while running a marathon is not an option, I’d like a challenge that involves sitting down for once. Perhaps a driving challenge, I’d love to drive a tank! Or something to do with water where I can sit on my bottom, perhaps a canoe or white-water rafting challenge or something like that!

Thank you, Janet, for your generosity of support and enthusiasm, we're sure this will inspire others.
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