Inspire Awards: January 2014

Here are our January Inspire Award Winners. Well done everyone;

Nicky Hurlstone: Nicky has been integral in the support of one of our Hampshire Home for Veterans, Robert. Following the closure of our original Hampshire Home for Veterans, Robert wasn't ready to move into independence, as he was in the process of getting a mental & physical health diagnosis. Luckily our veteran project in Plymouth Home for Veterans was able to accommodate Robert.

Robert was diagnosed with deteriorating mental health, which came as a result of years of alcohol abuse. He needed more care and support than the rest of the veterans in our Plymouth home, and Nicola was constantly trying to get social services to recognise Robert’s health situation and support he would need. She has submitted several appeals and has had Robert reassessed on numerous occasions. Although Robert has been demanding of her time, she is always patient with him. Robert is now living in a fully supported house in Plymouth.

Dawn Foster, Team Leader at Hampshire Home for Veterans, said;

I know that without Nicky advocating and fighting on Robert’s behalf and finding him the right support to move on he would have slipped through a gap. I believe if Robert were capable of completing this form he would have done so along time ago. So I would like to nominate Nicky and say thank you for your compassion and determination.

Samantha, Barnabas House: Samantha has really engaged with everyone since she moved into Barnabas House. Her mental health difficulties affect her everyday life, making her to feel very anxious in new situations and environments. She has learnt how to manage them in a more positive way, reaching for support when needed and being conscious and responsible of her own needs. She has been very courageous and despite her fears and anxieties she has been engaging with training and activities in the house and outside through other specialise agencies. She is in the process of completing an IT course to help her return to work in the future. She is now much more independent and her dream of having a normal life is now becoming true. 

Samantha's key worker Veronica commented that;

"It has been very rewarding to support Samantha in this process. To see how much she has achieved  and that she is now ready to move on and live by her own is wonderful to see. It is all thanks to her persistence and strength. I believe she can be an inspiration for everyone, especially people who have similar issues."