Innovative Help For Runaways

Innovative Help for Runaways

We have been granted £20,228 by Wiltshire Police Commissioner Innovation Fund to develop sheltered accommodation for vulnerable young people who have run away from home in the Wiltshire and Swindon area. The new service will help to greatly reduce the number of young people who have to stay for prolonged periods at night and freeing up police time. Young people who run away can find themselves at risk of sexual exploitation and drug abuse, and might even find themselves drawn into a world of offending and criminality. The Wiltshire Child Protection Unit has reported delays in finding accommodation for young people picked up by the police, who are unable to return home immediately. These delays result in the young people spending stressful periods at police stations, There are of course time and cost implications for the police in the Wiltshire and Swindon area too.

We already provide supported accommodation to vulnerable young people under contract to Wiltshire Council, and will now offer two permanent bed spaces within our existing accommodation currently in Salisbury and Trowbridge; providing out of hours access of up to seven days accommodation to a vulnerable young person.

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