Hosea's Story

Hosea's Story

Young people are speaking, but are we listening?

Hosea Njoroge Hosea recently passed his Master’s in Human Rights and International Relations which he completed while working as Support Worker at Alabaré, assisting young people at our homes in Chippenham.

Following his arrival in England from Kenya, as a devoted Christian Hosea wanted to join an organisation where his faith was welcomed and where could share his strong Christian values with young people. He feels he is giving back to the community every day, something for which he is immensely proud and grateful of.

Moving beyond the pandemic Hosea hopes society creates more opportunity for the vulnerable and particularly vulnerable young mothers and that people also learn to be more demanding of their rights to believe in a better future regardless of their past.


With many of the young people Hosea supports coming from broken homes he worries that many lack drive, determination and self-worth and that as an organisation and as a community we need to do more to understand young people’s needs. Hosea says, “Let us understand their story. We should not always define who they are without seeking to understand them. But we need to hear what they're saying.”


While his studies have allowed him to explore relationships on an international stage, he feels everyone worldwide needs to do more to learn from one another and move towards mutual respect, whether of one another, one’s individual rights or people’s rights for basic human needs. 

Hosea goes onto say, “There are many who simply reject young people when they act out but instead, we need to listen more and ultimately not make them the responsibility of the authorities. By encouraging young people to share their stories we can build better communities, which in turn may lead to reduced crime, reduced idleness and fewer youth pregnancies. By taking the time we can learn more and maybe at the same time hear an interesting impactful story, and in turn create a good bright generation so they too can become a very significant, significant person themselves.”

Although Hosea is unsure where his new qualification may take him, he is certain he is going to enjoy the journey and that his journey is going to begin anytime soon at Alabaré.

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