Homes For Veterans Hosts Walk Of Britain Team

Homes for Veterans hosts Walk of Britain Team

Alabaré's Homes for Veterans in Bristol support Walking With The Wounded’s Walk of Britain team.

Alabaré were thrilled to host the Walk of Britain team on the morning of Tuesday 6th October at their Bristol Home for Veterans in Filton.  The six strong Walking With The Wounded Team will stop by for coffee to meet the residents of the main Bristol Homes for Veterans on day 46 of their journey.

The Walk of Britain is a 1,000-mile journey over 10 weeks, through Scotland, Wales, and England and is highlighting the extraordinary determination of those injured in combat.

Three residents from Alabaré’s Bristol and Gloucester Homes for Veterans will be joining the Walkers for the next leg of the journey, ending the day at Bath Rugby Club.

Alabaré’s Bristol Home for Veterans opened in 2011 and covers Bristol City and surrounding areas.  In those four years, more than 70 homeless Veterans have been supported in the 3 homes that it operates.

Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans' manager, Mike Hibberd says,

We are delighted to welcome the team to our Bristol home.  Alabaré and Walking with the Wounded are working together to support Veterans who are struggling in their civilian lives, and specifically together helping them into training and employment.  It’s great to meet the Walk of Britain team and support them on their fantastic journey.