Holly's Sleep Out 2014

Holly's Sleep Out 2014

"So this year, on 21st March 2014, I did it my second Sleep Out... because it was so much fun last year!  This is what I remember about the night...

As I entered the Cathedral I signed in and then went on a search for the best place to set up our sleeping bags.  We got there early so we had a lot of places to choose from.  Once I had found the perfect spot, I then set up my bedroll, excited and a little bit hyper.  I then helped set up the registration desk and, with some new friends I had met, helped to sign people in.  Afterwards, I rushed around, meeting new people and sneakily taking a few snacks from the refreshment table.  We then all bunched together to listen to a speech from the organiser, my mum Heather, and afterwards I met the Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop Nicholas who really taught me to think about the homeless and what it is like to be living alone outdoors.

After a few more laps around the cathedral, and a handful of jelly babies, I finally settled down in my sleeping bag all snuggled up and warm (actually not so warm because it was really cold!)

I really enjoyed doing the Sleep Out and I went because I think it is all for a great cause and all the people who get to use the money, deserve it.  I want to say thank you to all the people at Alabaré for making a good charity, great! And I know I will be doing the Sleep Out challenge next year as well, so I hope you are there too!

Holly Hitchins, aged 12

PS This year me and my mum raised £350 and also a quick thank you to all the people who sponsored us... and we will be expecting more money next year."