Grant's Sleep Out 2014

Grant's Sleep Out 2014
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 “I work as a Product Design Engineer for ML Electronics, and although my colleagues were more than happy to sponsor me for the night, they wanted a little bit more from me… so, on the day of the Sleep Out I left the house in PJs – ladies satin, leopard-print pyjamas to be exact – and prepared myself for a day of office ridicule.

I made my way to the Sleep Out the same evening in an altogether more conservative (and dare I say flattering) warm, layered outfit. By now, my initial excitement of spending an evening in the cloisters of Salisbury Cathedral had been replaced with an overwhelming feeling of dread. The rain was beating down quite heavily by 9pm and after a busy week in work; the idea of a beer in front of the TV was so much more appealing.

I woke a few times during the night and was filled with thoughts of how happy I’d be to return home the next day, to a warm cup of tea, and maybe a quick sleep on the couch. I was uncomfortable and cold, but realised that my experience was a picnic compared to a lot of people who’d be sleeping outside that night. I had a cosy sleeping bag, a padded mat, and ear plugs to drown out the sound of the Cathedral bells. I could also sleep well in the knowledge that any footsteps I did hear were just those of my fellow Sleep Out attendees. I also knew where I would be sleeping that night well in advance of getting there – so much of the reality of homelessness must be the unknown of where you’ll end up on any given day.

I’m really glad I did attend the event, as although it clearly wasn’t the true experience of being homeless, it did open my eyes to how anyone sleeping rough must feel. I’m proud to live somewhere that has services like Alabaré Place available to help people. Well done to Alabaré for organising this event

Thanks to everyone that I work with at ML Electronics for helping me to raise a total of £317.63 – and to everyone I met in my girly pyjamas for donating too!

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