Government Announces Suspension Of LHA Cap Plans

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At Alabaré we welcome the Government's recent announcement on the future funding of Supported Housing.  We are delighted that the Government has decided to scrap the Local Housing Allowance cap in its current form.  The cap would have been financially ruinous for charities running services for vulnerable people and devastating for our residents.  Supported Housing is a highly cost-effective service: it saves money and it saves lives.  The decision makes sense all round.

Our Homes not Streets campaign is focusing on building a sustainable model of Supported Housing and we will now focus our energies to work with the Government and contribute to its consultation.

We are also delighted that the new model of funding Supported Housing will not be implemented until 2019.  This gives us and other Supported Housing providers the time to work with the Government on a sustainable solution.  It gives organisations working with vulnerable people time to plan for the future, local authorities a chance to prepare schemes for their area and will save the nation millions of pounds.

The Government's proposed model includes transferring a ring-fenced sum to local authorities to meet care costs, while housing costs will continue to be met through the benefits system.

Alabaré will be contributing to the consultation to ensure that the Government proposals best ensure that the funding model for Supported Housing is sustainable and that our residents have the protection they need and the support they require to help them rebuild their lives. 

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