Faith Day - Creation

During September Alabaré held the third of the newly-conceived Faith Days at Riverside House. Clients from Learning Disabilities, staff and volunteers met for food, worship and an exploration of the theme of ‘Creation’. These faith days have originated from a desire to reignite the place of faith within the Emmaus community. They have immediately grown to encompass all clients within the Learning Disability service in and around Salisbury.

Lunch was a shared meal in the Riverside kitchen where we gathered around a fully-laden table. This table has many memories associated with it as it was for many years the meeting point in the original Emmaus home. Once again it is the place where life stories, food and fun are shared.

We then met for worship in song and with prayer. Keith retold the more recent of the two creation stories with participation before everyone was introduced by Chaplain Revd Heather to her puppet who introduced us to the story of St Francis and his love of creation. This was captivating and great fun. Following this we explored the story through activity: in the kitchen we made fat balls with Gina for the garden, in the blue space we made a daily prayer wheel with Revd Heather and in the Avon Room Joyce led us in creating a beautiful collage of the creation story-something for each day.

We gathered all together again to share our learning with Joyce as facilitator, and she helped us use what we had created to say our prayers. We celebrated our time together with a concluding afternoon tea.


From our time together a number of interesting questions have begun to emerge:

Sharing  food-who is the host?

Eating together thankfully and the connection with the eucharist?

Who is sharing their faith here and helping others explore?

How do we meet God in the other whom we encounter?

Who should be involved in planning these events?


The Future

Our next event is on Saturday November 26th, 12.30-3.30 at Riverside House. The theme is Light.

Gina, Joyce, Heather and Keith 17/10/16