Essential Young Peoples Project Under Threat Of Closure

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The future of our youth Drop-In and advice centre in Andover is under threat of closure due to cuts to its funding. Since The Junction opened in 2004 it has helped thousands of the most vulnerable young people in Andover escape the nightmare of being homeless, supporting them back into a home, education and work. Now our centre is facing closure after we lost our local Council funding leaving us with a financial hole of £56,000 for 2017.

The Junction Drop In is a lifeline for anyone aged 13 to 24 in Andover, or the surrounding area, who is in need of support.  Our staff frequently help young people who are facing terrifying experiences sometimes escaping violence, or being thrown out of their family home.  The trauma in their lives may mean that they are not now attending school or who have problems with addictions.

 One of our current centre users, Kaitlin said;

 “They provide a safe place for your people and no one else provides that.  They have been brilliant at helping me get the help I need, and given me counselling and so much more.  There is nothing like it; you feel safe there.”

 Local Councillors and MPs have already indicated that they would like to see this vital facility remain open.

 Vanessa Bedford, our Care and Support Manager for Young People says;

 “The loss of the Drop-In at The Junction will mean that vulnerable young people and those needing support will have nowhere to go that is young people friendly. At The Junction we identify and support vulnerable young people, helping them stay safe. We deliver support for young people to engage in training and employment, including offering a NOCN employability accredited training programme.  

 “We also offer counselling from the building and although we will still be able to offer this we will not be able to meet the growing demand this service. Should The Junction have to close I fear that some vulnerable young people will slip through the net.”

 A hub for young people’s support, young people can access help from a wide range of visiting agencies including health providers and care teams at The Junction.  The two storey centre has facilities including an Internet café, counselling room, therapeutic multi-sensory equipment, and studios for teaching art and music.

The Junction Drop-In centre is a vital part of the Andover Foyer, our scheme which provides as range of support and accommodation for vulnerable young people.