Emmaus Faith Saturday At Russell House

Emmaus Faith Saturday at Russell House
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Ted Uren is our Alabaré Champion for St Lawrence in Stratford-sub-Castle. He joined us at the most recent faith day, held at one of our supported living projects for people with learning disabilities. Ted goes on to tell us about the day - 

‘Care, Compassion, Generosity and Respect’ – Alabaré's core values, seen in a delightfully informal setting at Russell House, here in Stratford, on the afternoon of Saturday 15th July.  

Some 30 Alabaré clients, with staff and family members, had gathered to enjoy a ‘Faith Saturday’, a celebration of Christian fellowship. The enthusiastic party atmosphere was maintained with craft activities, games, a competitive ‘Bake Off’ between local Alabaré houses, and a short open-air Service led by Reverend Keith Thomasson. This was followed by the cutting of the Bake Off cake entries so that everyone could enjoy a party tea together. The support that we give from our parish and community of St Lawrence, both in donations and in kind, is deeply valued by Alabaré. Keep in mind that you can help by taking part in the sponsored annual Big Sleep in the Cathedral cloisters, on 2nd February 2018, so start collecting stylish corrugated cardboard right away….'    

‘Keith Thomasson, Senior Chaplain, Alabaré adds,

‘It was great to have Ted, St Lawrence’s Alabaré champion, with us for the fiesta. Many thanks to you all for your support for Alabaré. Please do continue to pray for the charity.’