Easter Message From Our Senior Chaplain Keith Thomasson

During Holy Week and Easter we remember that Jesus entered the darkness of suffering and death. He then somewhat unexpectedly for his followers encountered the light of being raised to new life. For Christians this brings hope. Jesus is alongside us all in our everyday living, both in the sorrow and the joy.


For many people living in our homes at Alabaré, the joy that comes after suffering and despair is something that resonates in their own lives.  Their lives, which have been touched by difficulty, the tragedy of homelessness or marginalisation due to a learning disability, become transformed through care, compassion, generosity and respect. Hope emerges for a bright new future.


Renewing my commitment as deacon and priest at the Maundy Thursday service in Salisbury Cathedral is central to my keeping Holy Week. This is not just from a personal perspective of renewing my vows. I shall do this alongside many who support Alabaré. Together we commit ourselves afresh to serving others.


As I pray this Easter, I will hold our residents, our staff, volunteers and supporters in my heart and ask God to bring those who are suffering to us.  Please share my prayers and Alabaré’s message, and ask those in the faith communities to bring new hope to those in need.


Happy Eastertide