Dove Trust Update - September 2013

Update from Andrew Lord, Alabaré Chief Executive

26th September 2013

Dear Supporters

Over the past months, we understand that the Interim Manager at the Dove Trust has been reconciling the balances of donations made through the Charity Giving website and now owed to beneficiary charities. 
As requested, we have confirmed with them the amounts we believe are outstanding to us. We understand that they will soon be in contact with us to advise us of the amount we will receive through their interim distribution of funds.

The latest official update posted on the Charity Giving website is:
“Over August, the Dove Trust Interim Manager wrote to beneficiary charities and good causes as part of the work to reconcile the Dove Trust's accounts held in its donation management system. As this work is finished, we have closed the Dove Trust's offices. This reconciliation work is now complete - our thanks to the hundreds of charities that responded to our request for information. We are now comfortable with relying on the amounts showing on the Dove Trust's systems, and will soon be ready to proceed to the next step in the process.

We have identified over 4235 fundraising pages which are donating funds to 1810 charities and good causes. The next step is preparing for an interim distribution of funds to these charities and good causes, using the available cash assets of the Dove Trust. As part of this, we will be verifying each charity/good cause and its bank account details.

We will be providing another update soon, advising of timeframes and procedures for the interim distribution of funds. Thank you for your continued patience. We are aware that many charities are facing difficulties and we are working to make the interim distribution as quickly as possible.”

Once we have any further information we will of course post another update and contact donors.

Advice to donors is available at Charity Commission FAQ.

My sincere thanks for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Lord
Chief Executive
Alabaré Christian Care & Support