Dove Trust Announcement - July 2013

Message from Andrew Lord, Alabaré Chief Executive

15th July 2013

Dear Supporter

We have very recently been informed that the Charity Commission for England and Wales have opened a statutory inquiry into The Dove Trust, the charity operating the online giving portal  This has resulted in the suspension of their online giving on 12th July 2013.  Further details can be found at

Until its suspension, Alabaré had been using the Charity Giving website facility to process online gifts to our charity and online sponsorship for those supporters taking part in events for us. We are therefore urgently seeking clarification of the situation at The Dove Trust, and I have been in contact with the Interim Manager requesting information regarding recent donations made to Alabaré Christian Care & Support via their website.  Early communications from them are only that they should have further information available later this week, when they have concluded their initial assessment.

This is clearly a serious situation, and our priority is to ensure that our Supporter’s donations are protected and no further funds are paid through Charity Giving whilst the Charity Commission undertake their investigations.

The closure of the Charity Giving site means that no further one-off payments will be accepted through the portal, and it should also mean that any regular donations given by standing order are automatically returned to donors, however, as a precaution, please can I ask anyone who gives a regular gift to Alabaré through Charity Giving to contact us for advice. 

I do hope that as donors  of Alabaré  you will decide to continue to support our work, as so many of our homes and services rely on your generosity – gifts can still be made through a variety of methods (click here for more info) and regular donations can be set up using our donation form which you can download here.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to resolve this situation, and I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.  We are hugely grateful for your continued support of Alabaré.  We will endeavour to keep you updated on the situation at The Dove Trust through further posts on our website.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Lord

Chief Executive

Alabaré Christian Care & Support

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