Donate Your Old Glasses And Give Sight For All

Donate your old glasses and give Sight for All
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Glasses wearers in Wiltshire are being asked to donate their old, unwanted frames to help homeless people across the county. 

Local opticians, Haine & Smith, has partnered up with Alabaré to carry out free eye examinations on the people they support and supply them with free glasses if needed. To make sure they have enough frames for everyone, a campaign has been launched to collect people’s redundant glasses.


The campaign, named ‘Sight for All’, was officially launched outside the Haine & Smith practice in Trowbridge this week (Thursday, November 24th). Alabaré mascot, Roofus, was there to help spread the word! 

Anna Lewin, clinical lead optometrist at Haine & Smith, said: “For these first two events one of our suppliers, Wolf Eyewear, was kind enough to donate some brand-new frames for the patients to choose from. But as we’re now looking at heading out to the other Alabaré homes and test more of their residents, we need more frames. For those that have been struggling with their eyesight, receiving these glasses will really help their confidence, and for them to be able to choose a frame they are comfortable wearing will make a huge difference”.

Haine & Smith carried out its second ‘pop-up’ clinic in Trowbridge following the success of the pilot event at Unity House in Chippenham earlier in the Autumn. Residents at The Haven, in Trowbridge, have been visited by the team who tested and fitted new frames for 5 of them.

One of those residents, J, was fitted for new frames after his test showed he needed glasses for reading. “I’m so grateful that they have come to carry out these tests. I’ve been getting headaches for a while now but didn’t realise that could be down to me straining my eyes while reading. It’s wonderful they’ve taken their time out to come help us. Thank you.”

To make sure they have enough frames for the Alabaré residents to choose from, anyone wishing to donate their glasses can take them into any Haine & Smith practice. A list of locations can be found on its website

Faye, housing support worker, said: “Some of my residents have been saying they’re really struggling to read forms we’re filling out, or if we’re doing training on the computer, They know they should really get their eyes tested, but are just not in a position themselves to go and do so. It’s amazing that this service has come to their front door.”

Jon, team leader at The Haven, agrees with his colleague: “I’ve recently had my own eyes tested after realising my sight wasn’t like it used to be, and being able to read what I’m looking at has greatly improved my confidence. So, imagine the difference it will make to our residents who don’t normally have a connection with these types of services.”


Photo: Tom Adams (Haine & Smitth) Roofus and Nicky Matthews (Alabaré Christian Care & Support)

Anna Lewin (Haine & Smith) testing J's eyes