David's Story

David joined the Army when he was just 18 years old, serving in two Rifles regiments from March 2006 until December 2012. During his service, he toured Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan. He received a Diamond Jubilee Medal for his time in service and a GOC (General Officer Commanding) Commendation whilst serving in Afghanistan for “actions whilst on patrol that led to contact” from his Detachment Commander.

David moved into the Bristol Home for Veterans earlier this year. With the support of our staff he has now moved on into his own flat and is looking forward to the future. Here’s what he had to say about his time in the Bristol Home for Veterans;

“I moved into the Bristol Home for Veterans in February. On my first day, I was told what help I could be offered and welcomed within the house. During my stay, I’ve been helped in every way from job finding services to learning new skills, and being pointed in the right areas to move forward in life.

I think Alabaré have been outstanding. The staff are always willing to help you out, no matter what. I’ve found the Bristol home to be a kind, warm and caring place.”