Darren English - Salisbury Gig

Darren English - Salisbury Gig

Based in Wales, musician Darren English is currently performing a mini tour of the South, to raise awareness for Homes for Veterans. The tour started on Sunday 2nd August at the Winchester Gate in Salisbury.

His two hour acoustic set consisted mainly of Ed Sheeran songs, with a bit of Ben Howard and U2 thrown in for good measure, and even a One Direction song!

Like Ed Sheeran, Darren has the skills to utilise a loop pedal to create a multi layered sound of harmonised guitars and ‘drums,’ which perfectly complements his emotive vocals.

His next show in Salisbury is at an open mic night at The Music Box on Thursday 6th August, playing the headlining set, starting at around 10.30pm/11pm. So please do come on down and give Darren some well deserved support!

 Since being swooped up by Homes for Veterans I feel saved. I want to show my support back.