Coronavirus - How Alabaré Are Helping Homeless & Vulnerable People

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Coronavirus poses a severe threat to homeless and vulnerable people in our communities. Here are four ways Alabaré is supporting those in need:

1.Helping rough sleepers off the streets

Rough sleepers are extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus. 75% of our homeless clients have underlying health issues* and many have no family, friends or support system to turn to. 

‘Rough sleepers do not have access to the soap and water we are all using to help protect ourselves. They do not have the means to self-isolate. The vast majority are more susceptible to illness and many have complex underlying health problems.' Sue, Alabaré Homeless Service Manager 

Our priority is helping rough sleepers into our homes and services where we can support them if they fall ill. This will provide them with the ability to self-isolate should they need to and it will be easier for them to access health services should they fall ill.

2. Helping homeless and vulnerable people self-isolate

How do you self isolate if you are homeless?

Our dedicated teams are on the front line, working around the clock preparing to help vulnerable and potentially scared people to self-isolate, making sure they have a safe home, food and access to healthcare in this time of urgent need. Like everyone, we are all facing the daily challenge and uncertainty of this virus, but we committed to being here so others are not alone.

Many of our clients suffer from mental and physical health problems, financial difficulties and do not have friends and family to turn to. This can make the prospect of self-isolation extremely daunting. We are making sure our homeless clients have the resources, food and support from our staff they will need to successfully self-isolate.

More than ever, the best option for rough sleepers is to be in our accommodation where we can assist them with their medical care and ensure that provisions are in place if their condition worsens. However, there are clearly challenges in helping individuals to self-isolate when our accommodation often includes shared living spaces and how to stop the virus spreading further. This is why we have an internal task-force who are monitoring the situation closely and working fast with our partner agencies and stakeholders to manage this changing situation.

As a residential care and supported housing provider, we are working to the guidelines published by the government and available online by clicking here.

Coronavirus Alabare homeless charity donate

3. Supporting vulnerable people in the community

We are continuing to provide outreach support to vulnerable people in our communities, supporting people within their own homes. Where circumstances require us, we will continue to provide support to these clients over the phone. We are also helping to provide our vulnerable clients who cannot provide for themselves with the essential food, cleaning products and other items they will need to stay safe.

4. Providing mental health support

Statistics suggest 80% of homeless adults have a mental health problem.* Many of our residents are extremely anxious about Coronavirus. Our dedicated front-line staff are continuing to provide support to our vulnerable clients, those in self-isolation will still receive vital support over the phone.

As of the 23rd March 2020, we have also launched a confidential telephone service aimed at anyone who is in mental health crisis or who is struggling to manage their mental wellbeing and would benefit from professional support. Alabaré’s specialist team are able to provide guidance and advice including coping strategies and help people get further support if they need it. 

Emma Wellock, Riverside Sanctuary Senior Service Manager;

‘I believe as the current situation with Coronavirus progresses this service will prove invaluable especially for those having to self-isolate or who regularly receive input from other services and are no longer able to access the same level of support. The pressure that the NHS is under at the moment means they will be stretched to capacity so if we can alleviate some of that, it would be fantastic’

We need your help

Coronavirus Alabare homeless charity donate

We urgently need your help to continue to provide life saving support to homeless and vulnerable people. 

Coronavirus is already putting huge strains on Alabaré financially. Our charity's services are facing unprecedented challenges and are putting emergency procedures in to place.

Our fundraising events over the next 6 months have all had to be postponed and we are facing an immediate loss of at least £100,000 at a time when we desperately need that money to help save lives.

Please donate to our emergency appeal today and help save lives.

Coronavirus Alabare homeless charity donate

* Statistic: Homeless Link’s 2014 Health Needs Audit