Coronavirus Emergency Appeal Update

Urgent Appeal Homeless Charity Alabare

Thanks to the generous support from our donors, we are incredibly relieved to say that we provided a safe place for rough sleepers to self-isolate, with very few residents and staff falling ill because of COVID. All our teams have worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe and protect those who have been unwell, and we are extremely pleased that we have had no fatalities from this deadly virus. 

However the virus hasn’t gone and poses as great a threat as ever to homeless people. The government acted quickly to get rough sleepers into temporary accommodation at the start of this pandemic, but now with lockdown easing, rough sleepers need somewhere else to go.

We urgently need your help to support rough sleepers like Jason coming out of emergency accommodation.

Jason had had his own flat and been working as a chef. His work however was largely seasonal – busy during the summer months but in winter things were a lot quieter. This had affected Jason’s finances and he started to struggle to keep up with his bills. He soon found himself in arrears with his rent and was ultimately evicted from the home he had lived in for 14 years.

Jason found himself homeless and on the streets. He spent his nights sleeping rough out of sight down a country lane. When the Coronavirus cases began to rise, Jason’s local authority looked for a place for him off the streets. Alabaré was able to offer him a home where he could seek shelter from the virus and, crucially we were able to provide the additional support Jason needed to put right the problems that had led him to become homeless.

“Coming to Alabaré was the best thing someone in my position could do. They’ve helped me get back on to the straight and narrow and I can’t thank the staff and all the people who support Alabaré enough.”

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Sadly, we see a lot of people like Jason; ordinary people, struggling to overcome complex problems, and who desperately just want to get back on their feet.

Rough sleepers like Jason are in urgent need of long term solutions. Please help us be here in the vital months ahead, keeping other’s like Jason safe and well, and giving them the safety net they need. 

  • A donation of £23 can pay for a counselling session to help someone start to rebuild their positive mental health
  • A donation of £52 can help support a homeless person with the skills they need to help regain employment
  • A donation of £166 can help a homeless Veteran gain training and qualifications in construction, helping them regain employment and a new home.

On behalf of all of us here at Alabaré, thank you so much for your continued support.

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