Community4 Support Tidworth Family

Jonathan was living in Tidworth, in Army accommodation, with his wife and two young  children. He had served in the British Army for ten years and had served in various tours overseas including; Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. He was made redundant 18 months ago. Since then he had run up large rental arrears and was due to be evicted from his home.

As a South African National, he was not granted residency to the UK after leaving the Army. Instead he was given a 5 year work permit and told to re-apply for residency once this expired. His work permit did not allow him access any benefits. Community4 supported the family during their eviction, and an emergency multi agency meeting was held with Social Services in attendance (due to the young children involved). Social Services arranged and funded temporary accommodation for the family, but Jonathan was made aware that he would be responsible for their future accommodation. It was at this point that the family realised that returning to South Africa would have to be considered. 

Jonathan and his family were then referred to the Royal British Legion, who were able to provide meal vouchers and a bus pass for the family. During this time, Community4 also met with social landlord Haig Homes, and although Jonathan didn’t fit their standard criteria, special authorisation was obtained from their Chief Executive.

Jonathan is currently looking for work and has secured an interview for a position at the MOD. The family are settled in well and the impact on the children has been kept as minimal as possible. Thanks to C4, he is now working with a debt adviser at RBL to reduce his other debts.