Christmas Hat Day

Alabaré are encouraging people to put their ‘heads together to end homelessness’ by hosting a Christmas Hat Day this December.

Be it your classic Father Christmas Hat or a pair of fetching antlers, by donning a festive-themed head-piece and arranging a fundraising day at work, you can help Alabaré make a difference to the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people.

The Christmas Hat Day forms just one part of Alabaré’s Christmas Campaign this year which is focussing on the work they do with homeless 16-25 year old’s across Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Rebecca Mullen, Alabaré’s Fundraising and Development Manager says;

“Christmas is a time of year when the plight of young people who are vulnerable and have no safe place to stay really hits home.  By hosting a Christmas Hat Day whether it’s in the workplace, classroom or within a community group, this is a fun and light-hearted way for people to make a difference to a serious cause.”

Every £14 raised by groups can help to provide the initial support a young person needs when they first come to one of our homes.

It is estimated that last year over 86,000 young people sought help from local authorities due to homelessness or risk of becoming so. Alabaré were able to provide care and support to over 130 young people in the local area last year, helping them in to supported accommodation and giving them the hope they need for a more prosperous future.

Alabaré are grateful to have the support of Salisbury BID and Salisbury Cathedral, whom they are apartnering for this year’s Christmas Lantern Parade.

Download your poster to get involved here