Changing Lives Clevedon Transfers Ownership

We and Crisis Centre Ministries have agreed the transfer of ownership to the Clevedon based charity RE:MISSION. We have been working together with Crisis Centre Ministries to make Changing Lives a place where local people can develop skills while generating vital funds for both charities.

We would like to thank all the staff and volunteers at Changing Lives for their hard work and support, making this partnership so successful. Control has been handed over to RE:MISSION who will be taking the project forward, continuing its growth.

John Proctor, Chairman of Alabaré Christian Care & Support

“We are delighted that as part of the local management of Andrew House RE:MISSION have purchased Changing Lives shops. This management by a local team will enable them to develop to the next stage. We wish them every success and will continue to work closely with them for the benefit of all our clients in Andrew House Clevedon"