Celebrating 30 Years

Celebrating 30 Years

Together we celebrate the lives of the thousands of people who have rebuilt their lives with our support and the difference we have made to those who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities. 

This June, Alabaré marked 30 years since the opening of our first home in Salisbury, founded to provide a safe home and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable people who were living in crisis. As well as homeless people, we now support young parents and babies, Armed Forces veterans, those struggling with their mental well-being, care leavers and those with learning disabilities. 

"30 years on, the work of Alabaré has touched the lives of thousands of people not only in Salisbury but across the South, South West and Wales. With the dedicated support of an incredible staff and many selfless volunteers, we are helping over 1500 people every year," says the Rev John Proctor, founder. 

While this milestone birthday is a time of celebration, it is also a time for reflection. The sad reality is that homelessness is as much a problem now as it ever was. We all see the increasing pressure on families and individuals struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, with the tragic inevitability that some will be tipped into the crisis of homelessness. Equally, the devastating events in Ukraine and beyond mean it's vital we can offer a safe sanctuary and new start to those young people seeking asylum from war and persecution and who are scared and alone in our community. 

How can you help?

Making sure that all our clients have the best support, facilities and opportunities available to them, not just today but in the years to come, is vitally important. 

30 Years 30 VoicesPlease help us be there for another 30 years by donating £30 today and, in doing so, secure the future of the most vulnerable. As a small thank you, we will send you our 30 Years, 30 Voices Booklet, a series of voices by people who have experienced a personal journey with Alabaré. 



Read all of our 30 Years interviews and learn more on individuals experiences with Alabaré by visiting this page>> 



"For many, addiction is sparked by childhood trauma, which mine was. It's an amazing thing recovery. But it really is a miracle for someone who'd been lost so long."


Chrissy stayed with Alabaré for a year after battling a drug and alcohol addiction since she was a teenager; she has regained custody of her son and is well and thriving while working in the charity sector.


"Different people are good in different ways. I've always prided myself on not putting people in boxes because it always annoyed me when people put me in a box, but coming here, I realised that I had put people in boxes. And now I don't."


Ed stayed with Alabaré after becoming homeless during the pandemic and has recently celebrated graduating with a degree.


"I live with five other people and have lived with Alabaré for 25 years. We all decide together what we will eat and then one person cooks a night. On Sunday, we all cook a roast together. Alabaré has given me a choice."


Claire lives in supported accommodation locally and enjoys independent living.