Church Link July 2015 June, 2015

My husband Barrie and I agreed to take on the role of chaplaincy at the Trowbridge Drop in Centre a while ago.  So what is it like being a Chaplain?  For me personally it is a challenge. Being a Chaplain means coming alongside people, taking the conversations at their pace, if they want to speak at all, being available for the staff, and being a friend to vulnerable people. I am the t... Read more

Churchlink June 2015 June, 2015

Welcome to our June issue This month we hear from the Reverend Barrie Dearlove, Volunteer Chaplain to our Trowbridge Drop-In Centre... "As we approach ‘Armed Forces Day’ (formerly Veterans' Day - 27 June), we honour those men and women who have survived the war zones of the world and rightly so as they have served well during circumstances which simply cannot be... Read more

Church Link May 2015 April, 2015

Welcome to our May issue - This month our Senior Chaplain, Keith Thomasson discusses the importance of spirituality within the homeless sector... Do not be afraid Within the Church we are celebrating the fifty days of the Resurrection season. Liturgically this is proclaimed in a myriad of ways: from greeting to scripture readings, from hymns to vestments.  I am struck by the word... Read more

Church Link, April 2015 March, 2015

Welcome to our Easter edition - This month we have an article from Chris Hibbs, Volunteer Chaplain at Andrew House, Clevedon, Bristol, who reflects on the Easter message of hope... Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. (Mark 8:34)  We are in the Easter Season... Read more

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