Church Link September September, 2016

This month our Church Link contributor is Reverend Barrie Dearlove, our volunteer Chaplain in Trowbridge.  Barrie tells us about his own path to Alabaré through his faith, and how he embraced our work with homeless people in Trowbridge, how he supports our young people and life conversations programme.  In his article he tells us how he and his wife, Dorothy, have built on our ... Read more

Foundational Work at Alabaré September, 2016

My life was in a mess; two failed marriages, depression, anger, unforgiveness, you name it, I had it. There was no sense of direction for me and I went through each day looking forward to going back to bed and a few hours rest but even that was denied me. Though I believed in God (because I went to church) there was no evidence of His presence in me. Nevertheless, one day I prayed a simple pray... Read more

Church Link August August, 2016

Homes not Streets - a Christian Perspective When people tell me that the Bible has nothing to do with politics, I ask them: "Which Bible are you talking about?" Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Alabaré Christian Care and Support has been offering help and practical care to those in need of a roof over their heads for over 25 years.  But now, for the first time, it is raising its head... Read more

Church Link June July, 2016

Dear Friend, ‘In this issue Rev. Colin Chambers shares his learning around chaplaincy with Veterans. Colin is a very experienced chaplain, both in England and South Africa and brings the added perspective of having served as a naval officer. In his writing, Colin works with the image of ‘friend’ to portray his chaplaincy role. This is a rich description for a trusting relatio... Read more

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