Advent Week 3 - Joy December, 2014

Soon, and very soon, we will be celebrating that God himself, Immanuel, makes room in himself and his creation to find and make his home among us. In the midst of the insecurity of a homeless journey and the instability of a new-born refugee's temporary home, the world found its 'stable' influence.  We look ahead to the joy of incarnation: that the Word became flesh and blood and moved int... Read more

Advent Week 2 - Love December, 2014

The love of God is the big gift we will celebrate at Christmas.  In Jesus God came among us as a baby.  Before Jesus did any loving, as a baby he needed to be loved by Mary, Joseph and even the inn keeper who gave them a roof over their heads so that he could be born in a shelter.  In a baby the love of God is known to the world and our response is to love.  Jesus grew up to... Read more

True Meaning? November, 2014

We are lucky enough to have a growing dedicated team of Volunteer Chaplains. They are people of all ages, both lay and ordained, with a range of different skills and life experiences, who are willing to serve in the local community. It’s not uncommon to see them in and out of all our projects either popping in for a cup of tea, providing a listening ear, helping out in the kitchen, doing ... Read more

Finding a home, Being with God - Even the penguins have a place to worship God! October, 2014

Veterans Click here to find out more about our veterans’ homes   Below are some words from Pierre Cornlouer -  a Chaplain for some of our veteran service-users - he eloquently expresses our aim of enabling a fulfilling life for all ... Finding a home, Being with God - Even the penguins have a place to worship God! They say that Jesus knew what it was like to have nowhere to... Read more

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