Calendar Helps To Celebrate Important Messages Of Hope

Calendar helps to celebrate important messages of hope
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The Alabaré charity have just launched a calendar which focuses on hope. Seemingly such a simple word that this year has come to mean so much. 

Rebecca Mullen, Fundraising & Development Manager says, “We launched the photo competition at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, never anticipating just how much as the year draws to a close it would still be impacting our lives.

Through photography, we asked people to convey what their sense of hope was, for their life, community, and our world. For some it was their appreciation for our beautiful world, be it a magical place they were looking forward to seeing once more, or beautiful people they were unable to see. The national world featured heavily and maybe there is something about a beautiful view to help us get a sense that this too will pass. For others, it was family and those whom we consider precious. As a charity that rebuilds lives, we hope this calendar provides hope during a time of possible uncertainty.” 

From the breath-taking photographs, four were selected as competition finalists. Three Generations of Hope by Garry Cleasby, from Manchester, gained first place with his photograph detailing the arrival of their grandson during Covid which meant they were unable to meet for the first time as quickly as they would have liked. Garry is not a professional so was really chuffed. 

Second place was Hope in my family by Sam Tansey from Poole. Sam is a videographer whilst his wife a professional photographer, so a great result for Sam! Finally, third place by Sue Ford featured her dogs Boots and Buster, who are minor celebrities Old English Boots. Sue says her image of a daisy field is about innocence, purity, loyal love, beauty, patience, and simplicity.

Finally, Maizie Bennett, from Andover winner of the Youth Category who won with Hopeful Reality said, “Photography is something that I am extremely passionate about, so I feel very fortunate to have come across this opportunity and delighted to have won the Youth Category”. Maizie kindly chose to donate her gift voucher prize back to the charity allowing it to support more homeless people, a great act of kindness in itself. 

You can purchase copies of the Alabaré calendar on eBay priced at £9.99 plus P&P as a terrific gift idea. 100% of the income generated enables Alabaré to support some of the most vulnerable in our society at a critical time when simply having a place to call home is so vital. THANK YOU