Big Lottery Fund Awards For Alabaré Homes For Veterans Comes To A Close

Our Homes For Veterans service in Wales was a recipient of a grant from the Big Lottery Fund almost 3 years ago aimed at increasing veteran accommodation support across Welsh homes and partnership working with other support agencies to provide a wrap-around service.

The sum of £497,758 allowed us to fund part-time roles as well as full time positions to help provide support for veterans in Wales and has been essential in allowing Alabaré to continue to help the lives of those who have served in the British Armed Forces but who since fallen on hard times.

In addition to helping with the costs of staffing, the grant has also provided a vital support network to help veterans in Wales learn the necessary skills to get back into employment and live independently once again.

Over the course of the 3-year programme, which ends in March this year, we have been able to support 203 veterans which have included:

  • Army Veterans – 163
  • RAF Veterans – 25
  • Royal Naval Veterans – 11
  • Royal Marine Veterans – 4

Alabaré provide housing support and services to ex-service personnel and over the last year helped around 240 Veterans across the UK. Our services include dedicated support to Veterans in North and South Wales - specifically, Cardiff, Pontypridd, Swansea, Carmarthen and Conwy.

The funds from the Big Lottery Fund directly help to improve the lives of vulnerable veterans such as Stuart.

Having served as a chef in the Royal Navy, during which he served a tour of the Falkland Islands, Stuart began to work as a chef once again once his naval days came to an end. However, his life saw a tragic turn of events as his fiancée Sally unexpectedly passed away. In order to cope with the pain, Stuart turned to alcohol but was helped by his long-term friend Wayne. However, tragedy struck once again as Wayne suddenly died from a heart attack. With nobody to support him, Stuart’s alcohol abuse spiralled out of control and he lost his job and home. After being forced to live in a garden shed, Stuart suffered a seizure and was hospitalised. It was then that Stuart was referred to our Homes For Veterans, where he was moved in to one of our specialist homes for ex-service personnel.

Since then, Alabaré have been able to improve Stuart’s wellbeing and he now volunteers in his spare time, adding a much-needed structure to his life.

“Alabaré's Homes for Veterans have literally saved my life. I owe them so much. I am now looking forward to the future.”

For more information about Alabaré's Homes for Veterans email: