Bakeoff Success

The Alabaré Place Baking Group is a weekly activity which is held at Alabaré Place and  is facilitated by Ian Parke, an ex Service User of Alabaré Place, who also volunteers in the Drop In.

On 16 June a Bake Off took place and Amanda Ainsworth, Justin Boris and Bob Miller took part.  The entrants produced a Bakewell Tart, Ginger  Cake, plus a coffee and walnut cake .

The judging panel were made up of two Alabaré Place staff members as well as Kate Mountain, who is our Health Trainer.  It was a very close call, but after taking into account presentation as well as a blind tasting, it was decided that Amanda was the official winner.

Ian presented  Amanda with a Certificate as well as a Winner’s Pinny and Spatula.

Well Done Amanda and thank you to Bob and Justin for taking part!

*names may have been changed to respect client confidentality