Alabaré’s Mother And Baby Home Receives Vital Funding

We are delighted to announce that our home for young mothers and their babies in Salisbury, has been saved from closure thanks to a grant of £28,000 from charity The Community of St. Denys.

The scheme, which provides a home and support for up to six young mums and mums-to-be, was in danger of closure after the previous funding ended. 

Each year the Alabaré team help vulnerable young mothers aged between 16 and 25 through the challenges of having, and supporting a baby.  The young mums learn parenting skills which will help them care for their babies and themselves, including budgeting, healthy eating and managing a tenancy.  These vital skills mean that they can go on to successful, independent lives.

Andrew Lord, Alabaré’ CEO says:

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Community of St Denys and their generous funding will allow us to continue our work in helping to provide services for young mothers.”

David Prior, Chairman of the trustees of the Community of St. Denys says;

“The Community of St Denys is delighted to support the work of Alabaré and, in particular, their work in running the Mother and Baby House and hope to continue this support into the future.”

Thanks to the support of the Community of St. Denys, Alabaré will be able to continue helping the likes of Lucy. Lucy was involved in a violent and abusive relationship and as a result of this was evicted from her parents’ home due to their disapproval of her new boyfriend. After falling pregnant, she began to live with her partner’s sister.

However the environment in her new home was not one suitable for a young mother-to-be as the house was also occupied by drug addicts and ex-criminals. Fearing for her safety, Lucy also had personal belongings stolen during her time at the house. It quickly became apparent that she would have to find somewhere else to live, not only for herself but also for her unborn baby.

 Due to high levels of concern expressed because of the environment Lucy lived in by local authorities, she was quickly referred to our Mother and Baby House and arrived with very little.

Since coming into our care Lucy initially struggled, but she was willing to accept support and she began to turn things around. She started to feel secure in her surroundings and safe. Lucy took part in several courses such as Alabaré’s home money life course to learn on how to budget in preparation for parenthood, these helped to build her confidence to the point she felt ready to move into her own home. Through the move on process Lucy has just moved in to her own place and is preparing for the arrival of her baby.

In her time with our team Lucy began to repair her relationships with her parents. She has also built good connections with the local children’s centre. She is determined to offer her baby a positive future.

Once her baby has arrived, Lucy hopes to get back in to employment and hopes to get in to mechanics, a passion of hers since a young age.

The Community of St Denys originated with the thinking of Revd. Canon Sir James Erasmus Philipps, who was vicar of Warminster from 1859 – 1897. In 1869 he opened a home in Warminster for the purpose of “Affording necessary opportunities to any women wishing to fit themselves for a missionary life of practice in nursing the sick, in training children, in teaching in schools, in parochial visiting and in household duties”. 

Over the years a convent developed and the Community flourished and, until the time of its closure, some 90 women had become Sisters of the order.  In recent years the financial affairs of the Community have been overseen by a board of trustees and the number of Sisters in Vows has now declined to just one surviving Sister.  The consequent sale of various properties acquired by the Community over the years has enabled the trustees to establish a sizeable fund and the resulting income is distributed every year to further mission both at home and overseas, for education, pastoral support and support for other religious communities.